This website is operated for the purposes of information technology and psychological research.

The Organisation and Management Science Company, as the researcher (hereinafter Researcher) intends to calibrate and analyse psychological test procedures using mathematical statistics that work over the Internet and which are suitable for testing social relationships.

The test procedures developed will be tested in the following manner: Researcher will make the tests available for completion to Users on the Psychogalaxy website (hereinafter the Website). After Users complete the tests, the system evaluates them and generates a textual assessment which is made available to Users. Researcher may use the data generated in accordance with the purpose and methodology of the research.

Users remain completely anonymous as the system does not make any data that is or may be rendered suitable for personal identification publicly available without the advance permission of Users. This includes the data that are not required for registration but which are provided voluntarily by Users.

Researcher is committed to the protection of the data provided and, to a certain extent, voluntarily made accessible by Users. By using the Website, Users accept that Researcher may use the responses to the tests developed by Researcher and their user data for research purposes, for statistical analysis and for the further development of the tests. The research data, their statistical analysis and the drawings produced in drawing tests shall become the exclusive property of Researcher, who may use them freely, in any manner it sees fit.

Researcher states that of the data collected in its database during the research, it shall only publish anonymous results generated using the methods of mathematical statistics and aggregate data, and that it also reserves the right to publish the drawings produced during drawing tests together with their titles individually or the make them available to the public on its web pages.

Researcher shall comply with all effective legislation applicable to data management and the information society.

Researcher shall exercise the utmost care in order to maintain and protect Users’ data, but shall not assume any liability for their partial or complete loss. It shall be the responsibility of Users to ensure that, in the interest of maintaining their anonymity, their user names should not be related to their real names and that they should not be disclosed to anyone.

Users shall also be responsible for remembering their passwords and keeping them secret, and for ensuring that the e-mail addresses they specify for receiving Researcher’s messages are genuine, working e-mail addresses that only they have access to. If Users request assistance because they have forgotten their passwords and quote their e-mail address, Researcher shall generate a new password and send it to the e-mail address specified.

Researcher assumes no liability for any damages resulting from delays or periods of suspension of the service. Neither does it assume any liability for damages resulting from the loss of information attributable to Users.

Researcher reserves the right to change any part or the whole of any of the functions of the service. In such cases, Researcher shall ensure that the provisions of data protection and other privacy laws are still fully complied with.

Researcher considers the Code of Ethics of the Hungarian Advertising Association and the Association of Hungarian Content Providers.

Researcher shall keep data only as long as it is necessary for a particular purpose or as long as required by any applicable legal or ethical requirement to keep records or documents.

Researcher hereby reminds Users that they can reach the websites of third parties from the Website. Researcher assumes no liability for the content and correctness of the data on those websites or the security of Users’ data there. Users shall be solely responsible for checking the privacy policies of such websites.

User hereby declares that he/she consents to Researcher’s publication and free and unlimited use of his/her drawings produced during drawing tests completed at the Website, regardless of whether he/she produced them alone or in cooperation with another User. By registering, Users also acknowledge that they consent unconditionally to the integration of their drawings into the database created by Researcher and assigns all copyright and related rights therein to Researcher free of charge.

Researcher declares that the graphics, text, images, information and other material shown on the Website, as well as their arrangement, are protected by copyright and only Researcher is entitled to authorise their use or the transfer of their usage rights. The use of copyright material without permission is against the law.

The use, reproduction, transfer, publication, revision or storage of any part or the whole of the content of the Website is prohibited without Researcher’s prior consent in writing. However, Researcher consents to Users storing or printing the content or extracts of the content of the Website for their own purposes, within the constraints of fair use.

Researcher does not guarantee that access to the Website will be continuous or free of errors. Researcher explicitly precludes any liability for damages or loss resulting from lack of access to the Website, the information and other written materials therein, their direct or indirect use or any defects of the Website, unavailability or ambiguity.

Researcher also calls Users’ attention to the fact that the tests completed are evaluated automatically and that the specialist report analysing the User’s personality is generated by the expert system programmed to the best of Researcher’s ability without human intervention, therefore the reports should certainly not be considered psychological appraisals or characterisations that are in any way equivalent to such appraisals. Accordingly, Researcher explicitly prohibits the use, analysis or assessment of the reports generated by the system by other institutions, organisations, legal or natural persons. The reports are intended solely for the User’s information and entertainment. Disclosure of the report to other persons shall be subject to the User’s discretion and responsibility.

Researcher also calculates the User’s psychological similarity to other Users on the basis of personal and test data automatically, using the expert system programmed to the best of Researcher’s ability. Similarities are also represented graphically. Researcher provides functionality for Users to attempt contacting other Users on the basis of those results, but it precludes any liability for the validity or content of the data shown on the Website.

Researcher reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use. Users shall be informed of amendments on the Website, at least 30 days in advance of their coming into effect.

Issues not regulated in the present Terms of Use shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary (Act no. IV of 1959).

Users accept the Terms of Use by registering.

Budapest, 25 March 2008

Dr. Péter Sváb, Chairman (Organisation and Management Science Company)
Countersigned by Dr. Borbála Drótos Mrs. János Sándor, solicitor (Drótos and Partners Solicitors)