How can I find the people I know on Psychogalaxy?

When we designed Psychogalaxy, one very important criterion was that it should not be possible to find acquaintances in general. Psychogalaxy is aimed at researching and improving human relationships, so only people who already know each other well or people who are strangers but are compatible in the psychological sense can find each other here. You can only find the people you know if you both wish to tag each other. You need to know the other person’s user name and you must search for it. In general, you can only find out another person’s user name outside the system.

How can I find someone to complete the relationship tests with?

Our relationship tests are based on the premise that the subjects are people who know each other well, so completing them with strangers would be pointless. We have only one relationship test that is worth doing with strangers, Drawing-in-Pairs , which can be particularly interesting if you replay the drawing process and think about how the collaborative work was created. You can invite a stranger for a Drawing-in-Pairs test from the Psychogalaxy chart (click on the Psychogalaxy tab) or you can get linked up with a random partner using the Tests/Drawing-in-Pairs page.

My partner (husband, wife, lover, friend) is too far away from me on the Psychogalaxy star chart. Others are much closer. Does that mean that we are incompatible?

We know that if two people are near each other on the Psychogalaxy chart, they are usually compatible. But the reverse is not true: people who are far away from each other can still be compatible. Why? Our tests measure several hundred parameters, which are then evaluated by our expert system. But any number of parameters measurable by tests are still a lot less revealing than genuine human interaction. What’s more, we may not even be measuring the most important things: we cannot measure glances, scents, gestures, vibrations that may occur between two people instantaneously. We cannot measure the ‘chemistry’ between two people, love at first sight is beyond our understanding, thankfully. In many cases, attraction is a difficult thing to predict. We only have partial information about why people find other people, their figures, voices or scent attractive. You may be attracted to people you are not compatible with. And you may remain indifferent despite the fact that you are compatible. The system helps to select the people you are the most compatible with according to your test results. The rest is up to you.

How can I find a ‘soul mate’ on Psychogalaxy?

The simplest way is on the Psychogalaxy chart. Once you have completed the required tests, we will be able to generate a personal Psychogalaxy chart for you. You will be at the centre. The ‘planets’ near you are people you are compatible with. Women have red planets and men blue. Those who did not specify their gender when they registered have grey ones. The smaller the globe, the younger the person it represents. If a globe is flashing, the person is on-line in the system and you can contact that person immediately if he/she agrees. If you are interested in someone, click on the globe and the icons you can use for making contact will appear. You can send a chat message or invite him/her to draw together.

How can I repeat my tests?

Most tests don’t need to be repeated. The majority of the tests on Psychogalaxy measure personality characteristics that are constant and not dependent on momentary mood. We realised that when we launched the site, it froze sometimes, which may have prevented you from completing a test. Unfortunately, those tests do need to be repeated. We will soon include a ‘Delete test’ button on the tests page. You will then be able to click on that button to delete your previous responses and start anew.

How does Psychogalaxy calculate how compatible I am with others?

Psychogalaxy interprets and evaluates the many tests that you have completed and compares the results with the general statistics obtained from all the tests completed so far. The result of that comparison and analysis is a model of the personality that is, in effect, a set of parameters that our expert system can interpret. Your personalised expert report is produced on that basis. On the other hand, your personality model is also compared with those of all the other users of Psychogalaxy to calculate the psychological compatibilities that are graphically represented in the Psychogalaxy chart.

How can I find the person I did a drawing with? I started a drawing with someone, but we didn’t finish it. How can I find my drawing partner?

Go to the Gallery section and click on My pictures. In the roll-down menu, choose ‘Drawing-in-Pairs’ and you will see all the drawings that you have done in the Drawing-in-Pairs test, even those you haven’t finished. Above the drawings, you will find the user names of the partners you did them with. Once you have the user name you were looking for, you can find the person using the search function.

How long do I have to wait for the other person’s response? (Drawing-in-pairs)

Sorry, we can’t answer that. The person you invited may respond in seconds, or they may have gone to the bathroom, but it is also possible that their computer has been left there, logged on, while they go to bed.

What does it mean when I get the error message ‘Connection with other person lost’ while drawing with someone?

This means that one of you has temporarily lost the connection with our central server. In some cases, this is only a temporary problem, the message disappears after a while and you can continue the drawing. If the connection is not restored, send the invitation again!

The person I asked to do the test with me has accepted my invitation. What next? (Relationship symbol test)

Once the other person has also completed the test, the evaluation will appear in the Profile/My report menu. The other person will also simultaneously receive a report.

Why do I need a real partner to complete the Love Questionnaire and the Compatibility Questionnaire? Why can’t I complete it with a stranger?

The Love Questionnaire and the Compatibility Questionnaire test relationships and are always valid for the relationship between the two people doing the test. The Love Questionnaire explores existing relationships. Consequently, there is no point in completing it with a stranger, and it is not possible to do so, either. On the other hand, you can complete it with several people if you wish to compare several of your relationships. The Compatibility Questionnaire, on the other hand, compiles a general relationship profile, so you need only to complete it once. After that, you can look at the Psychogalaxy chart to see what degree of compatibility it predicts with other people (who have also completed it). To try this, select ‘partner’ and click on another ‘planet’.

What should I do if I don’t want to complete the tests that can be applied to several relationships for any further relationships?

You don’t have to complete them repeatedly, that’s only an option. They work even if you only complete them about a single relationship. I don’t want to find a date here, but the system is forcing me to. Finding dates is not the primary objective of Psychogalaxy and the website doesn’t force anyone to do so. Self-knowledge that can improve your life is the primary objective. You need to complete the tests for that. Of course, you can also use the system to make friends if you wish to: set the ‘friend’ option on the Psychogalaxy chart and write to someone or invite someone for a Drawing-in-Pairs test. Those looking for a romantic partner can do the same thing by setting the chart to ‘partner’.

If I don’t have a partner, is the Relationship Symbol test the only relationship test I can complete? If so, does that mean that I cannot get a full evaluation at all?

If you do not have a partner, we recommend that you only complete the Compatibility Questionnaire among the relationship tests. You should only complete the partner and the ideal relationship symbol tests and the Love Questionnaire when you do have a partner, because those tests cannot be evaluated otherwise. But the Compatibility Questionnaire’s results can be viewed on the Psychogalaxy chart if you set it to ‘partner’ and click on a planet.

When I completed the ‘Important things in my life’ test, I wrote down things that don’t fit any of the categories. What should I do?

The categories of the test were established in a preliminary survey of a large group of people. That included a very large number of individual items, which we tried to group into categories. However, evidently, we could not accommodate all important things. However. we are still developing the test: please write to us using the ‘Comments’ button and tell us what it is that you would like to see. Things that many users request will be incorporated into the next version of the test.