Data Management Regulations
of the operator of the community website,
Organisation and Management Science Company (Szervezési és Vezetési Tudámonyos Társaság)

1. Data Manager’s name:

Organisation and Management Science Company

2. Data Manager’s address:

1027 Budapest, Fő utca 68, Hungary

3. Contact information:

4. Type of data management:

Management of the data of users who register at the website, based on voluntary, informed and explicit consent.

5. Legal grounds for data management:

The voluntary consent of the persons concerned, pursuant to Article 3, paragraph (1) of Act no. LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the publication of public interest data.

6. Range of data managed:

A. Data required from all registered users: user name of choice (with an instruction that it should not be related to the user’s real name), and e-mail address. The e-mail addresses of users are stored separately from other data (although, of course, linked to user names), in an encrypted form. The Data Manager does not disclose user e-mail addresses to third parties; the system alone sends messages to them. The owners of the e-mail addresses cannot change this (they cannot reduce the level of protection). This, however, does not prevent users from disclosing whatever they wish to about themselves in their electronic letters.

B. Data that users may provide voluntarily: gender, marital status, year and month of birth, occupational category (e.g. student, company executive, administrator, etc.), educational qualifications, average monthly income (a choice of ranges only, rather than an exact amount), height, weight, build (e.g. thin, average, athletic, chubby, etc.), sexual orientation, place of residence (country and postcode only), interests (e.g. science, extreme sports, music, esotericism, etc.), mobile telephone number. There is also an option to upload one arbitrary image (avatar).

Users can use the privilege matrix in the settings section of their profiles to determine who can view their data (with the exception of sexual orientation and mobile phone numbers). The following choices are available: ‘nobody’, ‘acquaintances’, ‘tagged contacts’, ‘registered users’, ‘anybody’. With regard to the personal data concerning sexual orientation and mobile phone numbers, users are not able to make those data available to third parties in their profile settings.

C. Further data associated with users and stored: completed tests, drawings, transaction data (time of registration, login and logout times, details of communication transactions). Content associated with users: messages, comments, calculations and the textual assessments generated on the basis of the calculations. The system does not collect or store data about users’ computer connections (e.g. IP-addresses, MAC addresses, cookies). Psychogalaxy does not connect data in its log files with other personal data.

7. Objective of data management:

A. The data required from all users is used in order to check the authorisation of users, to establish connections between users and to facilitate the delivery of system messages.

B. Data that may be provided by users voluntarily are used to identify users, to facilitate the efficient creation of the site’s internal Internet community, to study human relationships, to explore the psychological structure of the community, to analyse personalities and to conduct psychological research.

C. Category C data are stored to study human relationships, to explore the psychological structure of the community, to analyse personalities and to conduct psychological research. The data stored in the log files during the use of Psychogalaxy are only used for statistical purposes.

The Data Manager does not use personal data for any purpose other than those listed above. The Data Manager only discloses personal data to third parties with the advance, informed consent of the user concerned, unless such disclosure is required by law, or unless the data thus disclosed is used only for psychological research and statistical analysis.

8. Term of data management:

A. The data required from all users is stored for long as the user remains a member of the community. If the user requests it, data shall be deleted within 5 working days of receipt of the request for deletion of the data. Users who use personal data in an unlawful or misleading manner, commit criminal offences or fail to comply with the obligations stipulated in the terms of use may have all their personal data deleted immediately, along with the cancellation of their registration, as soon as Psychogalaxy gains cognisance of their misconduct.

B. The data that may be provided by users voluntarily shall be stored as long as users choose to display the data on their profile pages.

C. All data and content associated with the user concerned alone that are not completed tests will be deleted as specified in section A above. The data recorded in Psychogalaxy’s log files while the website is used will be stored for a period of one year from the date of the user session in which they are generated, with the exception of the ‘date of last session’ item, which is overwritten every time the user logs in.

Users who fail to log in to Psychogalaxy with their own user names for six months will have their data deleted as described above.

The Service Provider may constrain the activities of users on Psychogalaxy in the cases stipulated in the terms of use. In such cases, data are not deleted.

9. Deletion of personal data:

Users may request deletion of their data by sending an e-mail to that effect from their registered e-mail addresses to, or by using the appropriate deletion link on their profile pages. The Service Provider shall delete data within 5 working days of receiving such requests. After deletion, profile data (categories A and B) cannot be restored.

10. Relationships between users

The Service Provider assumes no liability for the use of data and/or content that users decide to include in their profiles and/or to make public in any other manner by their tagged acquaintances or any other third persons. Furthermore, the Service Provider also precludes liability for the provision of false or incomplete information by users in order to mislead other users.

11. Data Processor’s name:

Softic Ltd.

12. Data Processor’s address:

Budapest IX, Ráday utca 51., Hungary

13. Description of data processing:

The system (hardware and software) that stores the data specified in section 7 is operated by Softic Ltd.

14. Data security measures:

Personal data are stored within the territory of the Republic of Hungary on dedicated servers located at the server room of Integrity Ltd (1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo utca 18-22., Hungary, e-mail: The server room has a 24-hour security service.

15. Amendment of the data management regulations:

Psychogalaxy reserve the right to amend the present data management regulations unilaterally, but users shall be notified in advance. By registering, You accept the Data Management Regulations and by using the website after an amendment comes into effect, you also accept the amended Data Management Regulations. Users who do not accept a particular modification shall request the deletion of their data from the system.

16. Users’ rights associated with the management of their personal data:

Users may request information about the management of their personal data. In response to such requests, the Data Manager shall provide a list of the data it manages about the user concerned, the objective of data management, the legal grounds for data management, the term of data management, as well as a list of parties who have received or are receiving the data, along with the purpose of disclosure. Requests for information shall be sent by e-mail from the user’s registered e-mail address to, and a response shall be sent within 8 working days. Users may also request deletion of their data in accordance with the provisions of the section on the term of data management.

17. Options for legal redress:

According to the Data Protection Act and the Civil Code of Hungary, users may seek legal redress through a court of law and may also request assistance from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information dr. Attila Péterfalvi, registered offices: 1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 22, Hungary, mailing address: 1387 Budapest Pf. 40, Hungary). If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the operator’s staff at